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What do members of Law enforcement have in common with Business Owners, Medical Doctors, Veterinarians, Truck Drivers, College Students and the Disabled? They all enjoy  feeling safe in their own homes. That is what we offer at; a guardian to watch over you and the ones you love.'s objectives are: Information on the temperment and physical traits of each breed allowing families to make the best choice of guardian for their lifestyles. High Standards of Breeding: Health, breed standards and individual temperament are dependant on the quality of each breeding program; therefore will be accepting or denying all breeders according to there philosophy of breeding.  So many questions arise in raising dogs and each breed has it own concerns; in response we are creating information pages and forums.  A community of these Guardian Dog lovers pooling their knowledge for the benefit of all. Although a guardian dog can be considered a weapon; we as breeders on this site would ask you to look elsewhere if this is how you view owning a Guard Dog.  Weapons get bought, you train and then they are put away until needed... Dogs don't  function well this way. This is a site of Guardians; a guardian never leaves the side of its charge. A Guardian has an emotional attachment to what it guards… in other words your Guardian Dog needs to be seen as very loyal family member devoted to your well being. Guardian dogs are only a weapon a small portion of their lives; but 100% of the time they are family members. 

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